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Why Should You Encourage Your Employees to Quit?

Encourage Your Employees to be Quitters

With the New Year come new resolutions. One resolution that always seems high on the list: to quit smoking.

There are a lot of good reasons to kick the habit. Most important, quitting is good for one’s health. Smokers are at higher risk for chronic conditions like cancer and heart disease. By quitting, the body starts to recover, and walking and other physical activities may become easier. According to the American Lung Association, over time the risk for conditions like stroke drops to about the same as a nonsmoker’s.

There’s the monetary aspect, too. A pack of cigarettes costs about $4.80. But this price spikes to $10.28 a pack* when you factor in the price paid in lower health and productivity. This can have an impact on a smoker’s wallet, as well as your company’s bottom line.

If you have employees who want to quit, you can help them. Our Time Well Spent toolkit includes information and ideas to help you spread the word about good health throughout your workplace. Just go to www.anthem.com/timewellspent and click on Smoking Cessation tab. You’ll find articles, posters and helpful links.

You can also tell your employees about the free tools we offer to help a smoker quit. Our Smoking Cessation Lifestyle Improvement Program reinforces positive behavior and provides inspiration to stay smoke free. We also offer discounts on products and services like Nicotine Replacement Therapy. To learn more, your employees can log on to anthem.com and click on the Health and Wellness tab.

You can help your employees be quitters. Because, when it comes to smoking, quitting is winning!

This information is brought to you through collaboration between your chamber, NOACC and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

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