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2012 Swearing in of Officers

The North Akron Chamber of Commerce hosted their 2012 Swearing In of Officers Luncheon at the New Hope Christian Fellowship Church on Riverside Drive. The Honorable Judge Tom Teodosio (of Summit County Common Pleas) once again swore in the NACC Officers, and everybody appeared to have a very good time. The excellent food and fellowship made the luncheon a great success. President Jerry Hughes was the emcee, and stated he is looking forward to a fun and exciting year as we have numerous events planned for this year.

Linda Hughes was sworn in as Executive Director, Jerry Hughes was sworn in as President, Bill Kimble as 1st Vice-President, Rev. Todd Tackett as 2nd Vice-President, and Tina Sheetz as Treasurer. Swearing in on the Board of Directors this year were: Russ and Jim Iona, Ron Hummel, James Stein, Guido DiIorio and his daughter Angela Colecchi, Charley Ault, and Daniel Hughes.

As these key members of the North Akron Chamber of Commerce raised their right hands, they agreed to “support and uphold the constitution and by-laws of the North Akron Chamber of Commerce, which were drawn up under the constitution and statutes of the State of Ohio, and to promote the listed purposes of this organization in matters of commercial, community and economic goals to the best of your ability, for the term of the office.”

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